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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Sutra in Sanskrit means thread. It also means rules or guidelines. SutraVerse is our attempt to explore the universe of fabrics and art. Our Sutras are that every piece we create is comfortable, contemporary and stylish, that each item showcases an art form – be it weaving, painting, embroidery or sewing. We aspire to generate zero waste in our processes, using the tiniest scrap to create things of beauty. Most of our artisans are local to our hometown, many of them are persons with special ability and unique talents that we seek to showcase in what they create. Each item is created by one of the artisans at SutraVerse and is not mass produced in a large factory. These experts pay attention to the minute things that make it special and last longer. This means that each SutraVerse product is hand-crafted in small quantities. We do not bulk-buy, we do not mass-manufacture. We give each item the time and thought to make it unique in its own way and give you the joy of owning a handmade item that is different from anything else you may buy here or elsewhere. 

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